Principal Components - Example

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In the following example, a principal components analysis was performed on the Chatterjee-Price attitude dataset, which contains the aggregated answers to questionnaires of 35 employees from 30 randomly selected departments of a large financial firm.  The variables... Read More

Principal Components – Theory

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In principal components analysis (PCA), original variables within a sample are transformed as linear combinations into a new set of variables that is uncorrelated. PCA can act as an exploratory technique, allowing underlying factors to be identified for factor... Read More

Logistic Regression

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Like ordinary least squares regression, logistic regression employs one or more independent variables to predict a dependent variable. Unlike OLS regression, the dependent variable is not continuous but is instead a categorical variable that takes on the values of 0... Read More

Factor Analysis

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Factor analysis is similar to principal components analysis (PCA) in that it attempts to identify latent variables that lie behind the data. However, where PCA forms linear combinations of the data’s variables, factor analysis states the observed variables as linear... Read More

Cluster Analysis

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Clustering is an exploratory technique in which a researcher attempts to identify clusters within a group of data. Several techniques exist to determine clusters, the best known of which are hierarchical and K-means clustering. Within hierarchical clustering are... Read More

Data Analysis for Market Research

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Big data analysis companies work as a marketing partner for client businesses wanting to take advantage of their corporate information for marketing analysis. This historical information, when used correctly, can have a greater impact than market surveys with... Read More