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Kmbara is a data science consulting company. We do machine learning, AI, econometrics, chatbots, computer vision, neural networks, natural language processing, web development, scraping, forecasting, and much more.

Kmbara was founded by two brothers with years of experience in the field, including books authored, patents under application, published academic research, and dozens of large-scale data science projects. Our team has grown to include people around the world with a huge variety of skills.

our services

Kmbara provides data science consulting and solutions for firms that want an innovative edge

Machine Learning

Use random forests, neural networks, linear regressions, and other mathematical models to find patterns in data, and use these patterns to make accurate classifications and predictions.

Artificial Intelligence

Build bots that can make strategic decisions, provide advice, and take on complex human tasks.


Study the past to understand and prepare for the future. Predict markets, elections, behavior, risk, or even the weather.

Computer Vision

Analyze photos and videos in real-time, to detect manufacturing defects, automate on-premise security, and classify objects.


Measure economic impacts and determine causality with the latest statistical models.

Natural Language Processing

Automate the process of understanding and responding to natural human languages. Create chatbots, email analyzers, and more.

Web Scraping

Crawl the internet to find targeted content, sales leads, financial information, or group sentiment.

Risk Analysis

Prepare for high-impact negative events by estimating the source and magnitude of different risks.


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