Data Science Consulting

Kmbara is a data science consulting company, focusing on private equity, real estate, and environmental strategy.
We have expertise in machine learning, NLP, data engineering, and app development.

About Us

We are a team of data scientists. Members of our team have published books, invented patents, authored academic research, and deployed dozens of large-scale data science and tech projects around the world.

We have worked in industries as diverse as manufacturing, legal consulting, environmental strategy, academic biology research, oil and gas pipeline management, real estate, pharmaceutical trial operations, private equity, and others.

Our services


    Use random forests, neural networks, linear regressions, and other mathematical models to find patterns in data, and use these patterns to make accurate classifications and predictions.


    Build bots that can make strategic decisions, provide advice, and take on complex human tasks.


    Study the past to understand and prepare for the future. Predict markets, elections, behavior, risk, corporate valuations, and more.


    Analyze photos and videos in real-time, to detect manufacturing defects, automate on-premise security, and classify objects.


    Measure economic impacts and determine causality with the best statistical models.


    Automate the process of understanding and responding to natural human languages. Create chatbots, email analyzers, and more.


    Crawl the internet to find targeted content, sales leads, financial information, or group sentiment.


    Prepare for high-impact negative events by estimating the source and magnitude of different risks.


Kmbara’s founder, Bradford Tuckfield, is the author of three books about data science and algorithms.

His first bestseller was Dive Into Algorithms, a technical book about using Python to solve problems and write more efficient code. It includes introductions to algorithms for optimization, sorting, searching, geometry, language, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more. It has been translated into six languages and has sold well around the world.

Dive Into Algorithms

Bradford’s most recent book is Dive Into Data Science, an introduction to all the skills a beginner data scientist needs to know. It includes Python-based introductions to regression, forecasting, A/B testing, machine learning, clustering, web scraping, recommendation systems, NLP, and more.

Dive Into Data Science

Our Work

The following are some of our current clients:

  • SullivanCotter

    We are helping SullivanCotter with several analytics and data science projects.

  • Enviro AI

    We have built an environmental data analysis web app for Enviro AI, including a custom search engine, an environmental chatbot, and more.

  • Whichdraft

    We are building a contract generation app for legal teams.

  • Distributed Energy Clearinghouse

    We have built an energy project analysis app for Distributed Energy Clearinghouse.

  • McCleery Company

    We have built a data-driven real estate web platform for the McCleery Company.

  • Business Done, LLC

    We are building document management solutions for Business Done, LLC.