About Us

Kmbara is a data science consulting company. We do machine learning, AI, econometrics, chatbots, computer vision, neural networks, natural language processing, web development, scraping, forecasting, and much more.

Our Team

Kmbara was founded by two brothers with years of experience in data science, web development, and advanced technology.

Brad Tuckfield, CEO

Brad Tuckfield, CEO

Rob Tuckfield, COO

Rob Tuckfield, COO

Our team of partners, consultants, employees, and contractors is worldwide. Members of our team have achieved the following:

  • published books, including this one
  • PhD's from top universities including Ivy League schools
  • patents (several granted, and more under application)
  • professorships at top universities
  • several successful companies founded

Our team consists of data scientists, data engineers, developers, computer vision experts, machine learning fanatics, econometrics aficionados, analytics devotees, business development gurus, operations buffs, and entrepreneurialism addicts. We're ready to take on any challenge and meet any need.

Our Expertise

We at Kmbara have implemented large-scale data science solutions for top firms worldwide. The projects we've worked on have included the following, and more:

  • development of smart chatbots called "analyst bots" that can answer high-level questions about strategy and quantitative planning
  • computer vision implementations, including motion detection, face recognition, object classification, vectorization, and more.
  • the creation and management of enterprise data lakes for large worldwide firms.
  • fraud detection: automatically determining which transactions, out of thousands of candidates, appear suspicious.
  • demand forecasting: using historical trends to obtain accurate forecasts of future demand, in order to prepare for future changes.
  • scraping solutions to automatically collect and parse data from public repositories online.
  • HR analytics, including quantitative analysis of employee performance and hiring decisions.
  • marketing analytics, including machine learning tools to predict client value and client retention.

You can read more about our constantly growing project portfolio here

What We Can Do for You

Every business is different, and everyone will have a different set of challenges and requirements. We tailor-make custom solutions for clients based on their particular needs. No project is too small or large for us. We are a lean operation and we can provide personalized care to meet all of your data science needs.

We take every project as an opportunity to innovate: not merely to do the bare minimum, but to go above and beyond, and to push the limits of what's possible.

Contact us now to find out more about what we can do for you!

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