Kmbara - Project Portfolio

Our team has worked together on a variety of major projects. We're proud to include information about some of our solutions here.

Image and face recognition

AI to analyze camera feeds, recognize anomalies and trespassers, and provide alerts.

Defect Detection

Our defect detection tools use advanced machine learning and computer vision technology to help with quality assurance in manufacturing processes.

Predictive HR Analytics

HR Analytics solutions that use quantitative analysis to help HR professionals improve their decision making.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics solutions that help collect and analyze data for marketing, and use experimental design to optimize marketing strategies.

Custom search engine for environmental AI

CERES, an AI tool for environmental professionals.

Phase 1 Validator

Phase 1 Validator, a tool that performs NLP analysis of a type of bureaucratic report.

Edge detection technology

A notebook that shows the code for our edge detection technology.

Demand forecasting solutions

Our forecasting solutions use advanced advanced technology, machine learning and statistical models.

Topic Modeling

our code for topic modeling, a core natural language processing (NLP) capability.

Chatbot solutions

Our chatbot solutions use advanced technology, machine learning and statistical models.

These projects represent only a fraction of what our team has accomplished. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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