Private Equity

Private Equity

This page contains a description of some of the private equity solutions we at Kmbara provide. Our private equity solutions use advanced advanced technology, machine learning and statistical models to help firms succeed.

Private Equity

The Challenge

Private equity firms face great challenges: they have to understand large quantities of unfamiliar corporate data and make high-stakes decisions quickly. PE firms that consistently make good investments find great success and get continued investments, while others fail because they lack speed or fail to analyze data successfully. Good PE investment decisions require analytical sophistication, technical rigor, and advanced technology.

Our Solutions

Our solutions use advanced quantitative analysis and custom software tools to provide accurate corporate valuations and operational consulting. Here, we'll present some details about the core aspects of our solutions.

Accurate Valuations

There are several corporate valuation methods that are in common use by finance professionals today. It's common to use SEC filings, managerial reporting, and 3rd party data in some combination to arrive at accurate valuations. However, many of the common valuation methods are obsolete, and most fail to incorporate all of the data that could be useful.

Our valuation methods enable customer-centric valuation, by incorporating detailed customer transaction data into valuation formulas. Customer transaction data has not been incorporated into many extant models because it usually exists in large databases that many PE firms don't have the technology to assemble, migrate, and analyze. Our data engineers and data scientists can work with this data easily and use it to improve decisions.

The other advantage of our valuation methods is their mathematical sophistication. We use statistical models that have been developed by researchers at the world's top universities and accurately capture the psychology and behavior of customers, including their loyalty, expected frequency of purchases, and expected lifetime value.

Data with unprecedented levels of detail, analyzed with highly sophisticated methods, enable valuation to a degree of accuracy that other valuation methods can't get close to. By improving their valuations, PE firms can make better investment decisions, more quickly, and with greater confidence.

Post-Acquisition Operations

After an acquisition, PE firms need to step in to improve operations at acquired firms. In fact, the same statistical models and attention to granular data that we use in acquisition decisions can be used to advise improvements in post-acquisition operations.

Start Improving Today

PE is a complex process that requires coordination of dozens of moving parts. We at Kmbara have the expertise to create software tools and quantitative analyses that make you smarter, that make your business better, and that make your life easier. Contact us today to find out more about what we can do for you.

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